Frequently Asked Questions

No. You are responsible for the application process at the inception of the loan. Once the application has been submitted, you will be paired with a loan officer from our mortgage brokerage that will work with you and the borrower to take the transaction to closing.

Yes. Our team of professionals are there to support you as you walk your clients though the application process. We will provide you application training and for those that desire we have a full 4 day off-site loan officer training program.

After licensing, you will be provided with a marketing package containing branded business cards, flyers and more to help you kick-off your business.

Currently, the program is available in Virginia only. We expect to be adding additional states soon. Please check back frequently.

Generally, compensation is based on the loan amount of each loan you originate. All compensation details will be explained in your work agreement.

Yes! Our team of experts from all areas of the business are ready to help you every step of the way. This includes onboarding training, licensing, loan origination referring clients and more. You can access our support team by phone, email, or chat, and it’s completely free.

You’ll be able to offer the entire suite of mortgage options, including:

  • Conventional fixed-rate and adjustable -rate loans.
  • FHA fixed rate and adjustable-rate loans.
  • VA fixed rate and adjustable-rate loans.
  • Jumbo Fixed-rate and adjustable -rate loans.

We’re always updating our mortgage offerings to improve client experience, so make sure to frequently check our mortgage options.

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